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Why dog detox and cat detox? Because Pet Detox is critical for good health today. Great health begins in the liver and the gut, which is why Detoxa-Pet™ dog detox and cat detox goes to work detoxifying the liver, effective dog liver detox with ingredients like glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, n-acetyl csyteine, milk thistle, spirulina and more. Detoxa-Pet™ dog detox and cat detox strengthens digestion with high quality pet specific ProDura® Probiotics and prebiotics, and pasture fed colostrum, feeds massive broad based nutrition, increases metabolism, increases toxic elimination from the liver and other organs, learn more now.

Why Detoxa-Pet?

So Many Toxic Sources!

With today’s increasingly toxic environment, our pets are coming down with serious and inexplicable health problems. We know pesticides are harmful to our children – and the same is true with our pets. Excepts they are more exposed. Dogs and cats use their noses to poke around and explore outside and because their noses are a moist, mucous membrane, it’s an easy place for pesticides to be absorbed, inhaled, and ingested.

5 Star Review

We gave him Detoxapet and the difference was remarkable!
By Wade Friedrichs on August 2, 2016

We have an 8 year old English Bulldog who has the usual bulldog issues with his hips. And he is now 73 pounds. He spends most of the day in two rooms upstairs, although he has the freedom to go anywhere in the house he wants to go. At this stage in his life, he does not go up and down the stairs often, usually only when he needs to go outside-twice a day. We gave him Detoxapet a few days, and the difference was remarkable! He not only went up and down the stairs several times a day, he RAN up and down the stairs. That was after only a few days on Detoxapet. We were sure there must have been another reason for the change, but we made no other changes to his daily routine: food, exercise, water, supplements. Nothing. He was not taking steroids from the vet. It had to be the Detoxapet. This is our sixth bulldog, and we will never be without Detoxapet from now on.

5 Star Review

My sweet lab is between 13 & 16 years old
By J. English on February 4, 2017

My sweet lab is between 13 & 16 years old. She came to me through a shelter. I’ve seen her decline in the past year to the point that I thought we would loose her during Christmas. I started her on Detoxapet after having some pretty amazing results for my clients with Detoxamin. The results with Pearl have been no less amazing, and actually almost miraculous. She is back to feeling and behaving better than I’ve seen her the entire last year. She is playful and bright with a really good appetite. She loves her Detoxapet so much that she actually begs for it. I am very grateful to this company for producing this product.

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Natural Dog Detox Plus Liver Detox for Dogs and Cats

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