Detox your dog and cat, amazing things happen.

So your pet gets sick, starts feeling very down, lacks energy, has digestive problems, stops being affectionate, gets angry, has a dirty coat, has allergies or dog seizures, and you and your vet just can figure out why? Wake up and take control, he or she is depending on it. 

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Detoxify your pet!

There is only one way to stop your pets’ misery, and that is to get to the root cause of the problem – built up toxicity. And it’s not a matter of if your pet is toxic, but rather the level of toxic burden. Over time toxins start building up in the soft tissues, until some point they start to overwhelm the digestive system, weakening the immune system – and making it very susceptible to disease. If this continues, the break-down of major body organs or even cancer could happen. Detoxify your dog or cat, it can prevent the major causes of health problems in our pets, the persistent and chronic exposure to harmful toxins.

Detox your dog, pet detoxify
Detox your dog, pet detoxify
Detox your dog, pet detoxify
Detox your dog, pet detoxify
our pets are too toxic!

Detoxapet dog detox is 100% natural and it eliminates the dangerous built-up toxins that have accumulated in the liver, kidneys and colon of your furry best friend…

Detox your dog, pet detoxify

The overwhelming amount of toxic elements your pet’s exposed to, like flea and tick products toxicity, is disrupting his or her endocrine system and building up in internal organs. These toxins are considered the real culprits behind our pets’ health issues. Detoxify your pet, for a whole new energy and vitality delivered to his or her heart… brain… joints… and every organ, muscle, and cell in your pet’s body. Even dogs hair loss is caused by toxins.

Today, our pets, like their human owners, are living in a sea of toxic chemicals – according to recent reports, anywhere between 80 and 100 thousand. We must use dog detox and cat detox. This compromises the immune and nervous system, increasing the risk of diseases and cancer, the leading cause of death in our pets. Our pets’ are overrun by a chemical tidal wave, it’s poisoning his or her blood, destroying their energy and vitality, digestive system… and drags down the health of every single cell in your dogs body

Detoxapet is your final and natural remedy, so that his or her health can be fully restored on all levels..

Pet Parents Speak

“This powder has changed my pit bulls life. He has severe food and environmental allergies from a reaction to a vaccine. His fur would fall out and he would get hives and swollen paws and pimples that covered his whole body. Other allergy treats helped some but with this powder he is almost completely symptom free!! His fur is back and his rashes are gone and he can finally poop normal after the multiple rounds of antibiotics he needed as a puppy. 

Tyler DesJardins
Game changer

“After spending well over a thousand dollars with different vets, different medicines and none working, we were ready for something new and different. This product did everything we were promised and more. Our beagle has no more pain and no more itchy ears and no longer suffers from allergies. She is back to her happy and healthy self. This product is the solution to many issues if given the chance. If you are struggling to find relief for your pet that can’t be cured by vets, i highly recommend giving “detox a pet” a try, you and more importantly your pet will not be disappointed.”

These toxins (bio-accumulate) and build up for years, until the point is reached where they start to harm the whole body, making them feel awful, so they aren’t as active and happy as they should be. Detoxapet to the rescue! Specially formulated to target harmful toxins, giving your pet their spirit back, their sparkle, and their desire to play again.

Toxins damage pet health

90% of all toxins, bacteria, viruses and fungi enter your pet’s body through the gut. Let this continue and the digestive system becomes weak and sluggish, harming your pet’s natural dog health, and also weakening the immune system. Many people use dog detox to extend their dogs life.

Pets have more sensitive systems

Our companion pets have very sensitive endocrine systems, often even more intolerant to toxins than humans. A recent report states that the natural lifespan of dogs is around 30 years, whereas these days few live beyond 10 years. Many vets report that a large number of domestic animals die prematurely from liver and kidney failure due to toxicity.

Increased exposure

Our pet’s toxic exposures have increased dramatically in the last ten years, and likewise so have disease rates. In this past decade, we have witnessed skyrocketing disease rates among our pets. Aggravating this problem, our pets today live a lifestyle that contributes to a sluggish metabolism – making them unable to remove toxins or eliminate unwanted fat from their bodies. 

Slow toxic build-up

Toxins accumulate for years inside the organs of your pet until the toxin build up starts to affect the whole body – particularly those pets with weak immune systems. Like flea tick products toxicity. Toxins eventually find a place within your pets soft tissues – using natural dog health products is important as the body finds it quite difficult to eliminate noxious toxins, so they tend to build up over time.

Your pet’s body begins taking in and building up toxins from the time it’s born. At a certain point these stored toxins start releasing and begin to overwhelm the system. It’s kind of like changing the oil in your car, there’s no avoiding it, it’s simple routine maintenance for healthy systems to function. It’s time to detoxify your pet, don’t you think? Disease rates for our pet’s have increased dramatically, from cancer to dog skin allergies, our pets’ are sick. Save your pet now with Detoxapet. 

What’s our secret to detox your dog?

We remove the dangerous toxins, irritants, triggers, and the allergens in your pet’s body, stuff that’s causing so much grief, itching, biting, and pain- while also completely cleansing and repairing liver damage, cellular damage, immune, organ and skin health. Detoxapet all-natural powder removes toxins, repairs damage and revitalizes total health!