About us

Detoxa-Pet LLC, is the sister company of World Health Products LLC, who since 2002 have developed a line of chelation therapy medical products known as DETOXAMIN, and methods of heavy metals detoxification that are used by doctors and patients in over 50 countries worldwide. Our dedication to science and research led us to conducting the world’s first published study (JANA Vol. 10, No. 2, 2007, page 38) on the certain absorption and assimilation of specific chelators used in heavy metals detoxification for humans.

Over the years many doctors and patients started reporting back to us the incredible results they were experiencing with their pets once they dealt with chronic toxicity in their beloved companions. Although our other products were made for human use, nevertheless their pets were getting healthier, stronger and overcoming many modern health issues. After careful research, we realized that not only are we affected by our toxic environment, but that our pets are in fact more toxic than we are, and recent studies have proven it. The toxic environment our pets must cope with today is overwhelming, and it’s quite noticeable to those who are paying attention.

This started our research team on developing and researching the safest and most effective natural detoxification elements and methods for use specifically on Dogs, Cats. Horses, and other animals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us during business hours at: 801-984-1150, or click here.