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From our extensive research, we’ve discovered that about 98% of the severe skin conditions which our pets experience today, are being caused by the increased toxicity that gets built-up in the pet’s organs. If you want your anti itch medicine for your dog to be effective, it must address the detoxifying and cleansing processes (liver, skin, kidneys and lungs) are overwhelmed with these built-up toxins, so they are unable to do their designed function–cleanse the blood and remove toxins. This is why a natural treatment for dog allergies is what works to heal your pet.

The largest organ in your pets body is the skin, it’s an organ where the body rids itself of toxins. Logically, the skin will absorb more toxins that the body is trying to eliminate, so many reactions occur like scratching, itching, chewing, clawing, bleeding, bumps, hot spots, bald patches, sores, wounds, hair loss and biting. So if your wondering to yourself, why my dog scratches all the time, this should explain the major cause.

Now, when the blood remains toxic and uncleaned, it cannot perform it’s needed functions normally, in-other-words, to bring forth nutrients to the whole body’s cells and especially to the skin. Now, when cells are not nourished they start dying, and this is when the disease process starts, like diabetes, allergies, Addison’s and Cushings disease, liver and kidney failure, eye and vision problems, hot spots, hair-loss and bald spots, yeast infections, cancer, all starting with unclean blood. The blood cannot consist of everything, it carries either nutrients or toxic substances.

Are you looking for what can you give a dog for dry skin There’s truly one way to eliminate your pet’s suffering with allergy itch medicine for dogs, that’s by getting at the root cause, TOXIC BUILDUP. Reduce and eliminate your pet’s toxicity levels. Cleanse and detoxify chemicals, heavy metals from vaccinations with the right dry skin in dogs natural treatment, rid the preservatives that are contained in the foods and treats you give them. Detoxify the toxic cleaning chemicals you use in the home, the toxic chemical pesticides you use to kill fleas and ticks. Do this while supporting your dogs digestive and immune system while increasing its nutritional uptake with the right nutrients. Detoxapet, a powerful dog products for itchy skin, does all this and so much more, and it’s guaranteed to work – or your money-back. We’re serious about your pets health, take the first step, take control and your pet will get better.

The solution is not what can you put on a dog for dry skin, but what you can do to remove toxins and supply the right nutrition

For your anti itch medicine for dogs to be effective it must be digested, and it must address the toxic cause. From normal metabolic and digestive functions your pets body produces its own toxins, but if it’s overloaded and not working properly, these detoxification processes don’t function, so now toxins are not being eliminated. Now the required organs to detox your pet, kidney, liver, digestive system (90% of toxins enter through the gut) are swamped, inundated with too many toxins and do not function properly. The accumulation of inter cellular toxins (area between cells) causes many metabolic problems leading to blocked enzyme systems and free-radical damage causing immune dysfunction plus inflammation. The skin is eliminative, so when the liver, bowel and kidneys are improperly functioning, it takes over and starts trying to do their jobs.

anti itch medicine for dogs

It just starts with itchy skin, caused normally by toxins pushing out through the skin, and it’s the body trying to tell you something is wrong. So Detoxapet is the best stop dog itching home remedy on the market today, Just one-scoop-a-day is all it takes. So now you can see exactly why its critical that your pet has nice, clean blood circulating through its body.

The solution is not what you can put on a dog for dry skin, but removing toxins and feeding the right nutrition.

Detoxapet Natural Irritated Dog Skin Remedies

The irritated dog skin remedies answer is that your pets body heals itself and strengthens its immune system system, this will protect it from everything from simple germs, free radicals to cancer cells. Most veterinary naturopaths and holistic vets understand that when your pets immune system is weak, it becomes more susceptible to disease. For example, the antibiotics you give your dog or cat does kill bacteria, but unfortunately they also destroy and kill the “good or healthy” bacteria which makes up most of your pets immune system, the result is a major depletion in the healthy intestinal flora. This is why you get diarrhea after taking antibiotics. The many common chronic diseases we’re seeing today start with an imbalance in the immune system, e.g. allergies, diabetes, thyroid disease, asthma, digestive diseases, infections. While your pets body can heal itself, the immune system must be strong to overcome disease. By using Detoxapet’s dog anti itch medication you are supporting your pets health with the careful use of high-quality nutrition, special herbs and amino acids and more, the road to a cure is attainable. Detoxapet contains several powerful immune boosters, which are powerful; such as Colostrum or Spirulina, Glutathione, Probiotics, and drastically reduces the healing time, while balancing and modulating your dogs immune system. When your pets immune system is too-overactive which happens in pet allergies, infections, diabetes, asthma, the purine pyrimidines, transfer factors, and polypeptides found in the Colostrum contained in Detoxapet, you can balance your pets over-active immune system, which will prevent your pets system from attacking its vital organs.

anti itch medicine for dogs

Feeds 10 Billion CFU Probiotics

Pe Serving

Our natural anti itch medicine for dogs balances the very important healthy flora in the colon

By now you’re probably aware of how important your pets intestinal tract is for an anti Itch medicine for dogs to work, as well as understanding its role in your pets nutrient absorption. However, most anti itch medicine for dogs overlook how important and critical this is to pet health, and how vital it is having a “healthy” level of  “friendly” bacteria in the intestinal tract. The gut is the “first line of defense” against disease, and it must be in healthy shape for the immune system responses to function properly.

If an anti Itch medicine for dogs is to be effective, it must increase the integrity of the guts lining. The fuel for the gut lining, that is the cells that line the intestines are healthy microflora (healthy bacteria) which produce short-chain fatty acids modulating and balancing the pH in the gut. This healthy microflora also supplies digestive enzymes, and certain synthesized vitamins. The lactic-acid bacteria are critical for stimulating the guts immune response.  When these microflora are working property, they actually block the pathogen before it becomes lodged to the intestinal wall. These bacteria are well known to prevent the growth of potential toxins while producing the necessary immune stimulation. Detoxapet’s anti itch medicine for dogs contain 10 billion CFU ProDura® probiotics per serving, supplying this needed ingredient for healing your dogs allergies.

anti itch medicine for dogs

This is making our pets sick

Reverse it now

Drugs and Vaccinations

There are so many negative affects to healthy longevity, these toxins become stuck in the liver and kidneys, and many believe they reduce the lifespan of our pets. . These drugs mask the symptoms, while underlying problem is ignored. No wonder there’s so much disease.  These drugs have proven not to work, they never get to real disease source, but work only to deplete the symptoms. You’ve probably seen this yourself.  You should also realize that steroids have harmful effect to your dog’s liver and they last. These terrible results we get when using the steroids, and drugs, which are very toxic, and no wonder our pets are scratching uncontrollably.

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