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Wonders of Probiotics for your Pet

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If it’s the best in natural dog health care products – then it is all-natural, and it will make a dramatic impact on your pet’s health.  Did you know all dogs, cats, and even humans actually need bacteria inside them to function well? It’s true! Not all bacteria is bad; a healthy mixture these natural dog health products is ideal for promoting an active, enjoyable lifestyle. Today’s society is completely anti-germ. Everything is structured to be as clean as possible.

At first, that might sound fantastic! Until you look deeper, actually consider the rate at which bacteria mutates, developing resistances. Many scientists are extremely upset with the situation, believing that by creating such powerful antibiotics, we are actually helping create super-bacteria. Bacteria that our immune systems will never be able to fight, that is resistant to any drug known to man. By giving your pet Detoxapet natural dog health products, your pet can get the right support to overcome the many dangers associated with a modern lifestyle.

  • Probiotics’ are the healthy bacteria your pet needs to thrive!
  • The best natural dog health products like Detoxapet healthy pet products contain probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Prevents Dangers of Modern Lifestyle
Benefits of probiotics

Benefits of probiotics

  • a natural elevated resistance to infections and disease in the gastrointestinal tract and a strong protection defense for disease
  • helps prevent harmful fungal overgrowth
  • reduction or elimination of some allergic reactions
  • antibiotic action against certain pathogenic bacteria
  • enhanced resistance against viruses
  • optimized digestive processes, allowing maximum nutritional benefit from food
  • improves the resistance to common toxic bowel symptoms
  • helps intestines become resistant to diarrhea
  • stimulates and strengthens the immune system
  • increases the resistance to various types of food poisonings
  • Helps produce needed nutrients, such as vitamin K, one form of which the body itself cannot make
  • improved lactose intolerance conditions
  • reduction of cholesterol levels
  • antioxidants (inhibit the destructive effects of oxidation)
  • improved resistance to stress of all kinds
  • overall improved quality of life and longevity

Natural health care for pets

Glutathione, Alpha Lipoc Acid, N-acetyl cysteine,

Glutathione, Alpha Lipoc Acid, N-acetyl cysteine,

Essential detoxification support and tissue repair in the liver, gallbladder, large and small intestine, GALT. Supports natural production of Vitamin E, C, supports tissue repair. Detoxapet natural dog health care products give your pet’s the essential detox support.

Bovine Colostrum, Quality Prebiotics and Probiotics

Bovine Colostrum, Quality Prebiotics and Probiotics

Supplies omega 3 and 6, beneficial intestinal bacteria, cellular repair and natural glutathione production, needed for quality natural dog health products. Contains a host of nutrients, antibodies, immunoglobulins and disease fighting agents.

Spirulina, Milk Thistle, Turmeric Root, Ginger

Spirulina, Milk Thistle, Turmeric Root, Ginger

Powerful, absorbable antioxidants, high source of dietary proteins, special nutrients, B-vitamins, iron, high in calcium, supports healthy bile levels for the gut. Choose the right natural healthy pet products will boost your pet’s immune system, detoxify toxins and supply nutrition.

5 Star Review

My sweet lab is between 13 & 16 years old
By J. English on February 4, 2017

My sweet lab is between 13 & 16 years old. She came to me through a shelter. I’ve seen her decline in the past year to the point that I thought we would loose her during Christmas. I started her on Detoxapet after having some pretty amazing results for my clients with Detoxamin. The results with Pearl have been no less amazing, and actually almost miraculous. She is back to feeling and behaving better than I’ve seen her the entire last year. She is playful and bright with a really good appetite. She loves her Detoxapet so much that she actually begs for it. I am very grateful to this company for producing this product.

Regain your pet's health with right natural dog health products Most natural dog health products overlook your pet's harmful toxins



POWERFULLY BUT GENTLY REMOVES DANGEROUS TOXINS from your dog or cat’s system. This is done with 100% Natural ingredients. Detoxapet removes all those toxins that come from the environment, pet foods, and most importantly from flea and tic powders and treatments. These poisons have been shown to cause cancer in humans. They absolutely will do the same thing to pets. You can avoid this tragic scenario by detoxing your animal with Detoxapet.


REPAIRS THE LIVER, gallbladder, large and small intestine, and GALT. Liver problems are one of the chief causes of decline in dogs and cats. This natural supplement goes to work improving liver function and removing toxins that gather in the liver and cause so many health problems. You are stopping disease and decline at its root, giving your pet many more years of happy, healthy life.


AIDS DIGESTION WITH PROBIOTICS such as bovine colostrum, omega 3 and 6, good intestinal bacteria, and deep cellular repair. Also has Spirulina, Milk Thistle, Turmeric Root, Ginger. Contains powerful antioxidants, high source of dietary proteins, special nutrients, B-vitamins, iron, high in calcium, and supports healthy bile levels for the gut.


A Time Not So Long Ago

Wild dogs, and wolves, drink from streams and lakes all of the time; they developed immunities to things like Giardia (bacteria found in untreated water) at puppy-hood.

The common domesticated pet, on the other hand, was never allowed to drink ‘dirty’ water; they never became resistant to anything. Once they actually do, the owner might have a pretty tough problem to deal with, having avoided natural dog health products in the past.

Have you ever traveled to poverty stricken parts of, say, Mexico? Maybe you consumed even the tiniest drop of water, possibly on your tooth brush? A day later, you are feeling worse than you ever have in your entire life, like your stomach is boiling, your intestines eating themselves. Just from that insignificant drop, you have become violently ill from something everyone around you drinks on a daily basis.

Many Americans have the privilege of drinking clean, treated water, and thus have absolutely no defense to anything but.