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Natural pet health is no longer optional considering that many of the pesticides (medicines) allowed for use on pets are linked to serious health issues in people. Dangerous for Children and Pregnant Woman Vets are relying on the EPA for advise and supposed safety of the vast array of pesticide-based products on the market. This does not discount however the toxic ingredients being used are quite toxic and harmful, and many report that regular usage can result in unsafe exposure. Unfortunately, the ingredients in these products are still quite dangerous, and regular use can result in unsafe exposure, and have toxins that are unsafe for children and pregnant women.

A recent headline should be alerting pet owners in America. On March 24, 2010, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) stated: “Flea, tick products may injure, kill pets”. Pet products that are supposed to be providing flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats, are killing hundreds and injuring thousands of our pets each year, said the

They said they have plans to make the products safer, as more people in the pet communities start reacting to headlines like this one. “These are poisons,” Owens, of the EPA said. He goes on to explain that the flea and tick poisons (products) which are made to end the life of fleas and ticks do their jobs quite well, they work. But does anyone ask why we must use these toxic and harmful chemicals in the first place? The problem is that there are several of these toxic pesticides that have been approved to be used on companion pets are connected to major health problems in people, diseases like cancer, respiratory and neurological problems.

Let’s be honest, when you apply anything on your pet that is from vast array of chemical based products, products that are intended to destroy fleas and ticks, you know deep inside this applying chemicals is not good natural pet health in the long run of our pets. Many of the collars, spray products, topical dusts and many more. So many today assume way too much when it comes to the safety of the these toxic products, after all, since the vet has recommend them, they must be safe, right? But unfortunately the vet usually relies on the information from the manufacturer. But unfortunately, the vets rely on the manufacturer information, plus these products have not been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they are safe.

It’s also important to understand that many of the mainstream flea and tick collars, products, sprays, topical treatments, and dusts—are registered as pesticides. All pesticides are regulated and supposed be safe by the EPA.

Protecting the health and safety of pets and families is our priority, Owens of the EPA said, and he went on to add that pet owners must read and go by the labeling prior to exposing your pet to a pesticide. He uses the word “exposed”, this should say everything.

The EPA, in 2008, received over 44,263 customer reports of dangerous health symptoms after using topical flea and tick products and increase from the last year. The complaints ranged from vomiting, to skin problems, seizures, and even the death of a pet was found in 600 reports.