DETOXAPET Dog Suddenly Aggressive Remedy, For Sudden Strange Dog Behavior, For Aggression in Older Dogs, For Puppy Getting Aggressive. Works Fast! 100% Guaranteed.


Stops sudden aggression in dogs for immediate and fast relief. 100% natural, 100% guaranteed.

  • Do you want to get rid of your dog’s aggressive behavior? Don’t expect the vet to do it – but if you want to eliminate your dog’s aggressive and strange behavior for good, you’re at the right place.
  • Warning: Many owners all over the country are reporting sudden aggressive behavior after yearly booster shots. We’re giving our dogs TOO MANY TOXIC INJECTIONS and it’s causing aggression! You’d be angry too!
  • We’re slowly poisoning our dogs. Since the overuse of vaccines, boosters, flea and tick medicines (actually pesticides), steroids, antibiotics, prescriptions, and even lawn chemicals, our dogs aggressive behaviours have reached epidemic proportions; our poor dogs are being caused to be aggressive. 
  • This build-up of toxins in your dog is causes aggression and rage symptoms, affect sleep patterns, anxiety, depression, and restlessness. Personality changes, mental tasks are impaired and disorientation occurs. Your dogs behavior becomes bizarre.
  • All of a sudden one day you feel like your dog has become somebody else. Instead of the loving, energetic canine you’ve known for years, he or she is growling, snarling, maybe even biting.
  • Did you know a 5 Lb Chihuahua gets the same toxic dose as a 100 Lb German Shepard? We’re creating the aggression.
  • Dog’s can’t tell you they feel terrible and their stomach hurts, so they simply lash out at family or strangers. Your dog is in pain from too many toxins – and you would be too.
  • Just like in humans, a dogs liver filters all the toxins that come into the body, but today they’re overwhelmed so build up and cause aggressive symptoms, changing behavior emanating from liver and organ dysfunction.
  • Dogs come in contact with LOTS of toxins, more than humans, and they build up in the liver and cause these symptoms. Vaccinations, Flea poison, and Deworm products release toxins into your dog’s bloodstream and are soaked up by the liver. 

What’s the solution?

  • Detoxapet works fast and stops the aggressive behaviour and mood swings fast by targeting the irritants and triggers and causative agents that cause aggression, that slowly build up in your dogs liver, body, and organs of your dog and eliminates them from your dog’s body. It stops the aggression, pain and growling that are making her feel uncomfortable.
  • It removes the built-up toxins, chemicals, dangerous vaccine residues, that have build-up in the liver and other organs of your dog
  • It also completely repairs, revitalizes and refreshes the skin, repairs, modulates immune functions, digestive and gastrointestinal functions.
  • It also stops the allergies and restores youthfulness, and vitality. It completely revitalizes your dog’s youthful and playful spirit. And puts that sparkle back in his eyes. 
  • Repairs cellular functions, increasing the bio-nutrient absorption.
  • Each individual scoop of Detoxapet™ Powder contains: essential vitamins, minerals, colostrum, Produra® probiotics (10 billion CFUs per scoop), spirulina, prebiotics, antioxidants, special amino acids, enzymes, proteins, and healing cofactors. It also contains polypeptide’s, phytonutrients, powerful healing herbs and other important co-factors, disease fighting agents, b-vitamins, and is jam-packed with omega 3-6 fatty acids.
  • It increases playfulness, and gives your dog a whole new lease on life.
  • Easy peasy! Immediate benefits! Just mix Detoxapet Powder in your dog’s food, it’s 100% natural and has a tasty bacon-cheddar flavour (vegan), and it’s 100% guaranteed – or your money back. Let’s get started on healing your dog. Each unit is a 30-day supply for most dogs, and contains 30 individual scoops (scoop provided). Should you have any questions, call 801-876-1783. Our only goal is to end your dogs aggression and suffering – and fast.
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