Skin Allergies

Skin Allergies and toxic overload

What’s the cause of your dogs allergies on skin?

Your dogs skin allergies are link to their compromised immune system, as a result of using an unnatural commercial pet food diet, effecting unnatural outcomes. The signs to look out for include:

  • The possibility of a demodectic mange outbreak; consistent and nervous scratching, even to the  point where causing bare patches or open wounds.
  • You might even see bare spots or sores; a hairy and greasy coat dry, and brittle or course to the touch, with a gamy and musty odor.
  • Dermatitis in flaky skin or dandruff appearing
  • Symptoms from the pain of cracked athletes feet; open pimples and bursts from the skin
  • Shedding in too much quantity, the hair pulls too easily off the body.
  • Licking paws that help ease pain from cracks and sores.
  • Pimple type spots and open skin sores.
  • Very dry nose and hardened and dry paws.
  • Possibly yellowing around the eyes.

Everyone of these outcomes links directly to the pet food you feed your dog everyday. The skin is the largest organ of the body, Which is also true for humans. What we know is that when health problems start to show up, it’s the skin that starts to reveal things first. This is the immune systems way of dealing with disease. By keeping the problem as far away from the viable organs as it can, and for as long as possible, and as time goes on, more serious problems start to show and begin to drive deeper the tissues of the body where the overload of toxins starts to overwhelm the immune system with toxins to fight

Often this ends up in the break down of primary body organs, or even possibly worse, free radical cells turning to full-fledged cancer cells.

So what can you do to start with the problems before it’s too late, and clear up the allergies quickly?

First, from the fast food, heavily processed food, especially stop the canned food, and packaged food to a fresh and carefully chosen diet. A species appropriate diet that dogs have always thrived on – before modern convenience food found its way into your dog, causing its present allergies and quite suffering.

Now add essential pet supplements to your pet’s diet that help detoxify and rebuild its intestinal health.

Within weeks of improving your pets, intake of pet supplements, and having your pet’s teeth thoroughly cleaned you’ll notice some amazing health benefits.

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