Detoxapet is amazing, my dog has stopped biting and scratching

I have a very large dog that has always had digestive issues and skin problems. He is a long haired dog, and every summer we had to shave him to stop the biting and itching. I saw Detoxapet online and asked to receive a free sample for my honest review. And my honest review is Detoxapet is amazing! My dog has stopped biting and scratching, and no more hot spots. He has a beautiful shiny coat, and even though he is 9 years old, he chases the grandkids around the house like a puppy. We have been able to teach him new commands, and he’s taught himself several on his own. I will always be a user of Detoxapet for my Hachi and any future pets I may have in my household. I believe in happy, healthy pets who are a member of my family. And I only want the best for my family. This is it. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone with a dog. I can’t say enough good about it. Detoxapet is the BOMB!